Monday Faith Links: Do We Gloss Over Good Friday Because It’s Uncomfortable?

I want to start off these links with another good article from Relevant Magazine, which again is quickly becoming one of my favorite destinations for modern Christian perspectives.

There were a number of good Easter related stories from Relevant, but one that I found interesting addressed Good Friday and the possibility that Christians tend to push it to the background because, in large part, it causes us to confront death.

The writer mentions that Good Friday draws the lowest church attendance of any day on the Christian calendar, compared to Easter, which draws the largest crowds. It’s certainly been a few years since I have made it to a Good Friday service.

But this year I began to feel a stronger connection to Good Friday, thanks in part to being more exposed to it now that I work at a Christian institution, Southeastern University. I’ve always felt that the greatest thing that can motivate me to walk with God and draw near to Him is the reality of the Cross. Jesus did really die for us nearly 2,000 years ago, and it was a brutal death, as anyone who has seen Passion of the Christ knows well.

I appreciate that this article helps to make the Cross a reality, and I hope you enjoy it, as well.

Here’s the link: click here.

Other Links

  • Relevant Magazine also did an interesting series this past week addressing the budget crisis in Washington, D.C. They did it in two parts, and you can read Part I here, and Part II here.
  • Does Christian art sometimes seem lame to you? Here’s a good take on how to express those feelings.
  • Is Easter borrowed from a pagan celebration? This Christianity Today article on its Christian history blog explores the facts.
  • The Dove Awards, Christian music’s annual celebration, was held on Thursday night, with Francesca Battistelli taking home the big award of Artist of the Year. Here’s a roundup of the event.
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