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Monday Faith Links: Same-Sex Marriage, Rob Bell, Contemporary Worship

I’ve looked pretty hard, but I haven’t been able to find one article that really stands out from the past week to make my lead. The biggest issue from the past week was, in my view, the legalization of same-sex … Continue reading

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School Board’s Social Media Discussion Timely, Relevant

The Polk County School Board discussed an interesting topic on Wednesday during a special work session. Board members and district officials spent some time talking about comments by students on Facebook, specifically derogatory comments about teachers and administrators. At issue … Continue reading

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Monday Faith Links: Legislating Morality, Pledge of Allegiance, David Crowder, etc.

The recent Anthony Weiner scandal is just the latest example of poor morals and values found in our culture. Some people might feel that because he’s an adult, he should be able to act how he wants and it’s not … Continue reading

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Ledger Editorial Carelessly Criticizes Voters for Transit Tax Failure

Since leaving The Ledger in December, I have tried very hard to avoid criticizing my former employer. I have a lot of good friends still at the paper, and I don’t really see my place right now as a crusader … Continue reading

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Late Faith Links: Tim Tebow Q&A, the God Gap, Anthony Weiner, etc.

My excuse for being late this week: Long, tiring weekend trip to Missouri that didn’t give me any time to work on this over the weekend. With that out of the way, here’s some things that will hopefully pique your … Continue reading

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Florida Trend Profile on Polk County Nice, But Needs Refining

It’s Polk County’s time to shine. The June issue of Florida Trend magazine has pointed its spotlight on Lakeland and Polk County as part of its continuing Community Portraits series. Within this month’s magazine is a 29-page section devoted entirely … Continue reading

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Lakeland Local Rapture Debate Postscript

So this isn’t really a continuation of my end times thoughts that I shared recently on If you haven’t read them by the way, you can do so by clicking here. Basically, I tried to defend and explain the … Continue reading

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Late Faith Links: Were Adam and Eve Real, Welcome to New Blogger Cary McMullen, & More Hell Debate

I hate it when I miss a consistent deadline that I have set for posting these links, especially when I miss it by a couple of days. So apologies again, but here’s some interesting information from around the Web. This … Continue reading

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