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What I Learned in 2020: The World Does Not Stop

On January 1, 2020 — like many people — I looked forward and saw a year with potential challenges ahead but also great opportunity. I had read some news reports about a new virus in China, but it was distant … Continue reading

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LPD Controversy: Observations from Lakeland Commission, Jerry Hill Meeting

I haven’t weighed in at all on the LPD mess to this point on here. I’ve put some comments out on Twitter every now and then, but I haven’t had the time or really the collected thoughts to post something … Continue reading

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Quick Future of Downtown Lakeland Follow-Up

I wanted to come right back and flesh out some more of my thoughts from yesterday’s post about the future of Downtown Lakeland and Howard Wiggs’ recent vision meeting. Commissioner Wiggs and I spoke for a few minutes today and … Continue reading

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Is Downtown Lakeland’s Future Turning Into a Turf War?

Consider me part of the confused camp after I read this morning that Lakeland mayoral candidate Howard Wiggs hosted a Downtown Lakeland vision lunch Wednesday at Grasslands. The water got even muddier as I followed Twitter updates from the Lakeland … Continue reading

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Lakeland Electric/City Charter Saga Over … For Now

Like many Lakeland residents, I was relieved Wednesday to see that the businessmen who had been reportedly pushing behind the scenes to change the city charter in regards to selling Lakeland Electric were ending their efforts. Steve Scruggs, executive director … Continue reading

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Florida Poly and USF Developing a New Normal?

I have to say I was impressed reading the brief but informative story by Mary Toothman in The Ledger today recapping a recent meeting between Florida Poly, USF, UF, and Board of Governors officials. The gist of the article, which … Continue reading

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CSX Job Creation Numbers: Is 6,000 a Safe Estimate?

So I got on a CSX fix over the weekend. The CSX/Sunrail battle of the past few years drew a lot of attention, and I tried to follow it as closely as possible. Of course, being a native of Lakeland, … Continue reading

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Top 10 Polk Storylines for 2012

I’m looking forward to 2012 as much as I have any year in my lifetime. A lot of that has to do with some exciting things going on in my own life, but I’m also eagerly watching things happening around … Continue reading

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Gene Conrad, Direct Air Proving Commercial Flight Can Succeed in Lakeland

I was watching the Lakeland City Commission meeting from July 5 on the City Government channel this evening, and I was so impressed by what I was watching that I had to write a new post. The City Commission was … Continue reading

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Ledger Editorial Carelessly Criticizes Voters for Transit Tax Failure

Since leaving The Ledger in December, I have tried very hard to avoid criticizing my former employer. I have a lot of good friends still at the paper, and I don’t really see my place right now as a crusader … Continue reading

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