Late Monday Faith Links: How Social Media Affects the Church, PCUSA Gay Stance, Etc.

Sorry for another delay in this post.

We had some old friends in town for a few days, and that took precedence. Definitely had a great time at Disney and just hanging out.

But, it’s time to get back to the business of giving you all some interesting links about faith.

The first one is great for anyone who uses social media, which I’m assuming is most people reading this since I pretty much promote this on Facebook and Twitter.

Tim Challies has just written a book called “The Next Story: Life and Faith After the Digital Explosion.” It’s a look at how Christians and churches can leverage new media technology to minister more effectively, while also serving as a warning to make sure that we don’t look at the technology as being outside God’s sovereignty.

This link is to a Q&A with Challies by Christianity Today, and I thought it was a pretty good preview for the book. This is probably going to be something I add to my reading list later this summer or during the holidays.

This was one of my favorite answers from Challies, and hopefully it serves as a good teaser for you to click on the link:

“But in a world shaped by the Internet, people find their hearts drawn to churches a thousand miles away rather than a short drive away. As a result, they relate to people through chats and forums rather than face to face. It leads to a very mediated form of church community.”

Other Links

  • Christianity Today has another good book review about the historical basis of America as a Christian Nation. Here’s the review.
  • One more from Christianity Today about the Presbyterian Church USA’s decision to allow gay ordination. I still plan on addressing this with my thoughts in another post down the road, but they did a good job of giving the history behind the denomination’s battle over the issue. Here’s the link.
  • Tony Payne of Matthias Media gives an interesting take on which passage of scripture he would choose if he had to open the Bible and explain what it meant to be a Christian. He chose I Thessalonians 1:8-10.
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