Polk County High School Recruiting/Transfer Timeline

I’ll try to keep this updated as things happen going forward. If you feel like I’ve missed something, please don’t hesitate to let me know.

Recruiting/Transfer Related Events

  • Tuesday, May 3: In a story in The Ledger, Lakeland Principal Tracy Collins says that all the Jenkins football transfers “meet all of the criteria” for FHSAA eligibility. She says she followed up with the school district about the students’ addresses, and claims that they were false “were just rumors.”
  • Sunday, July 23: The Ledger reports in a story about club teams that three Jenkins girls soccer players have been ruled ineligible for the 2011-12 season because they played for Lakeland FC, the club program where Jenkins coach Joe Lenard is a board member. The story also goes into detail about the possible conflicts that arise from high school athletes playing on club teams whose coaches also coach for local high schools.
  • Wednesday, Aug. 3: Lakeland Principal Tracy Collins confirms to The Ledger that the football program is being investigated by the FHSAA over possible rules violations regarding the transfers of athletes.
  • Friday, August 26: FHSAA informs Lakeland High School that five football players may be ineligible, three current transfers from Jenkins and two players from the 2010 team. The FHSAA investigator, Troy Pumphrey, found that, among other things, football players falsified addresses, didn’t make a full and complete move, and received free rent to play at Lakeland.
  • Friday, Sept. 9: Lakeland responds to the FHSAA report, not disputing any of the findings by the FHSAA investigator but making clear Lakeland officials didn’t know about impermissible benefits given to some athletes.
  • Monday, Sept. 12: Lawyer representing one of the former Jenkins football players tells The Ledger they blame the Polk County School District for the athletes being ruled ineligible at Lakeland. Says the families “acted based upon the interactions they had with the School Board.”
  • Tuesday, Sept. 13: FHSAA provides preliminary investigation reports to George Jenkins and Lakeland Christian, detailing allegations of recruiting football players. One of the athletes is Jenkins starting running back Keke Wilson. Story here.
  • Wednesday, Sept. 14: George Jenkins announces it fired girls soccer coach Joe Lenard on Sept. 2 because of his ties to Lakeland FC club program.
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