Polk Commission Wastes Time on Name Issue

So County Commissioner Bob English isn’t a fan of the Polk County Planning Commission having the word “Commission” in its title.

According to him, it “belittles” the status of the County Commission (from The Ledger).

From my standpoint, wasting tax money to discuss something as trivial as a name change does more to belittle the Commission than the name sharing in the first place.This was pretty pointless to begin with, but the result of the debate during Tuesday’s County Commission meeting added to the lack of thought behind it. The commissioners voted 5-0 NOT to change the name, news that I got courtesy of Tom Palmer’s Tweeting.

So they didn’t want to change the name, obviously the Planning Commission didn’t want to change the name, and I haven’t seen a comment or argument yet from anyone else in the county who wanted to change the name.

The Planning Commission serves a vital purpose. Even if English gets calls complaining about Planning Commission actions that constituents think he and his fellow County Commissioners had a hand in, wouldn’t a true public servant see that as an opportunity to connect with citizens and give them more insight into how their government works?

Nope, apparently not. It’s just a nuisance to them, but thankfully one that the County Commission will continue to live with for now.

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