No Faith Links This Week

Sorry for anyone who’s been waiting on pins and needles for my faith links for this week (I can’t imagine there’s too many of you). I had a much needed beach weekend for the 4th of July and this week is shaping up as a fairly busy one for me, so I’m going to have to put them on until next week. I will, however, try to chime in on the Rick Scott Sunrail decision, which I thought was horrendous. Turning down the high speed rail was at least somewhat defensible in my mind even though I really disagreed with the decision, but I can’t see any justification for Sunrail. So, stay tuned for more on that this week.

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1 Response to No Faith Links This Week

  1. Hope you had a wonderful 4th. The fireworks at the Lakeland Flying Tigers games rocked.

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